Our life as Eucharistic Adorers extends throughout our day. It is through our Eucharistic life that we grow to have a living and loving relationship with Jesus, which is lived out by our relationship with the sisters with whom we live --- one does not have one without the other!


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Clare's blue print for community living is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His love, which is the bond of unity that exists among us. The deeper our relationship with Jesus, the deeper is our relationship with one another. 

  • God has called us to live in community as a family.  

  • Our whole vocation is nurtured within the life of the community.

  • Each sister is a precious gift.

  • Each sister has brought gifts with her for the good of the community and for all God's people.

  • Living joyfully together in sisterly love, sharing responsibilities in a spirit of generosity, humility, gentleness, simplicity and great joy.

  • We encourage and support each other along the journey of faith and love which we have undertaken.


St Clare urged us to love each other with that same love which Christ has for us, saying  "... and loving one another with the charity of Christ, may the love you have in your hearts be shown outwardly in your deeds
so that, compelled by such an example,the sisters may always
grow in love of God and in charity
for one another."                      

(Testament of St Clare)


Pope Francis has urged us to "wake up the world" that we are called to "follow the Lord in a special way" ..... "to be prophets who witness to how Jesus lived on this earth...." (Address to Superior Generals 29th Nov. 2013).

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How can we be prophetic witnesses in today's very troubled, violent, divided and individualistic world, with a culture that diverts society from its primary call, that is, the family which in reality,    is thirsting for unity, peace and love?

One powerful way in which we can be prophets, is by giving witness to an alternative way of living .... the way that Jesus lived and taught his followers to live by the Beatitudes --- the way of gentleness, humility, forgiveness, sisterly care for each other etc.


We give witness by showing that it is possible to live together as sisters, despite differences in our individual characters, age and backgrounds. It can be challenging at times; it demands a constant deepening of our relationship with Jesus, by being faithful to our prayer life and keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus. In her testament, Clare exhorts her sisters to be an" example and mirrors". (Testament of St Clare)

Visitors to a Poor Clare community often comment on the joy, simplicity, gentleness and sisterly care that they notice in the community.




Each day we have a period of time for community recreation.
We share each other’s news, have many a laugh and just enjoy
relaxing together.




It is not what we do that matters but what we are. It requires immense faith to understand that being is more important than doing.

Work is necessary not only for supporting ourselves but also for a balance
 in our lives.

St. Francis and St. Clare saw work as a gift from God and called it a grace as long as it did not extinguish the spirit of prayer and devotion

The work is simple, whether it is cooking, house chores, gardening, sewing, art work, answering the door or writing letters etc.
It is a strong tradition with Poor Clares,  to work together whenever it is possible, sharing the humble tasks of everyday living with a joyful and loving spirit, helping one another in sisterly love, using the talents which the Lord has given us for his glory and the spread of his Kingdom.