Through our hidden life of Love, Prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, Praise and Penance we offer our lives totally to God for the Church and the world.  We give witness ….

  • Through our lives of Gospel Living

  • Deep prayer

  • Simple life style

  • Spirit of poverty

  • The love we have for one another in community living

  • Humility, gentleness and the joy we radiate.

We help to spread the Kingdom of God by being mirrors and models for those living in the world (cf. Testament of St. Clare).

It is our hearts’ desire that all peoples may come to realise God’s unfathomable love for them, and be able to respond to His love.

Our life is rooted in values for which the world is thirsting. We are sisters, called together by the Word of God, heard in our hearts, to live a family  life.

To rebuild the crumbling Church.

St Francis' and St. Clare's mission was to rebuild the Church which was crumbling in their time (13th Century). In our time we continue this mission.